A Glimpse at Local Balinese Culture and Traditions

The serenity of the secluded jungles clashing with the chaotic city streets. The violent roar of its waterfalls eventually settling down into the still and quiet rivers. The majestic, centuries-old temples contrasting with the middle-aged woman and her modern selfie stick.

Because of those contrasts, it is hard to answer the question often posed "is Bali still worth going to?" The answer truly depends on each individual, because as widely diverse each individual is, so too, is Bali. You can find yourself trapped in the day-to-day tourist lifestyles of cafe-hopping and beach bumming. Or, you can find yourself amidst the local rice paddies, cycling down isolated villages that Starbucks or Australia has yet to spoil. Bali is the ultimate travel destination, yet in some ways, it feels like nothing more than just a playground for tourists.

Bali is what you make of it. If you come to Bali expecting to immerse yourself in traditional life and local culture, you might have to dig a little deeper but it is still very possible.