Hostelling International, Banff, Canada

Among the most incredible places I have ever been, Banff held no shortage of stunning views. In November of 2017, I arrived in Banff and was graciously hosted by HI Banff, staying in their lodge for four days and showcasing everything that the property and the area had to offer. There was a lot, of course. I only barely scratched the surface of what the quaint village of Banff had to offer, but there is no doubt that any time spent in Banff is better than no time at all.


JORD Watches: USA, Canada, and Costa Rica

Twice in 2017, I partnered with JORD Watches to help bring their stunning wooden watches worldwide. In spring, I took their emerald watch to the emerald jungles and sapphire waters of Costa Rica. Again in the winter, I took another of their wooden watches up to Banff, Canada. The ebony watch contrasted beautifully with the snowy landscapes of the Canadian Rockies. The collaboration displayed my one-two punch of photography talents and social media marketing prowess, with a campaign run on four different social platforms as well as a blog post covering the trip and marketing for JORD.

St. Christopher’s Inns Hostels, London and Barcelona

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Chiangmai Elephant Land, Chiangmai, Thailand

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Slumber Party Hostels, Krabi, Thailand

FINNS VIP Beach Club, Bali

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Aklan Tourism Board, Philippines