JAG Branding, Rent in Manta, Eat in Manta

Where: Manta, Ecuador

When: August 23rd to August 26th, 2019

For a few days, I was treated to a life of luxury courtesy of JAG Branding LLC, the luxury condo rental company of Rent in Manta, and the dining collaborative Eat in Manta. I stayed at the luxury resort of Hotel Poseidon right on the shores of Ecuador’s Pacific Coast. I started each day with a grand breakfast every morning at Restaurante El Dorado overlooking Poseidon’s infinity pool and the vast Pacific Ocean. The sunsets were the best part of every day.

With Eat in Manta, I hopped from restaurant to restaurant indulging in the exquisite cuisines that Ecuador had to offer. From their local delicacies like ceviche and tigrillo to more Western options, my palate was in no shortage of pleasure. Sushi dinners and cocktails by the beach rounded out one of the most laid-back and luxurious few days of travel. From private yachts to classy cocktail bars, I was living my best life.

I snapped as many photos of the adventures in Manta as I could, from the pastels at sunset to the pastries for breakfast. Here is a brief photographic recap of my time in Manta, sponsored by JAG Branding and the in Manta collectives.

Hotel Poseidon and Restaurante El Dorado

Jaimito’s Gringo Pizzeria

Cafe Limon

Umiña Sushi

La Tenaza